Carl Walker

Digital Marketing Director & SEO Specialist


Carl the main man Walker! You can really feel his commitment to Trustswap (and TF in particular 🙂 Always willing to go above and beyond

This man bleeds Trustswap and his plasma is straight Team Finance. Always investigating how we can be better and better compete in market

Carl. His knowledge is amazing. Is always there to help or answer questions. Has a clear added-value for Trustswap and its verticals. Always positive. Great to work with him. Always above and beyond to put us on the virtual map.

Shout out to Carl for always being super hot on data but also for his support with strategy and marketing ideas.

Carl… clients love your work!! Impressive

Carl’s contributions to our project are always grounded in a careful analysis of decisions and a clear understanding of our goals. It’s truly impressive how he can analyze decisions deeply and offer brilliant improvements at both the strategic and final levels. His expertise and insights have been invaluable to Team Finance’s success, and I’m constantly impressed by his ability to identify areas of improvement.

Carl; Dunno if this form is supposed to be anonymous, Marty here, I have been giving Carl a lot of praise lately and tying him into various initiatives. He is always down to help with anything and he adds a lot of value in everything UIX/Web. I love having motivated experts on the team, and he is one of them

Amazing knowledge about everything SEO and BI. Very motivated and passionate about it. His recommendations give an important insight to all our verticals and incubators, giving a competitive edge. And always a pleasure to work with.

Carl Walker has been adding a lot of value across both SEO and analytics. Great attitude and very capable. Close runners up.

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