Are there any drawbacks to using pagination on your website?

There can be drawbacks to pagination from an SEO perspective. For example, pagination can fragment your site’s link equity, and it can be difficult for search engines to determine which pages are most important on a site that uses pagination. You may also want to consider using rel=”next” and rel=”prev” links within your paginated content to help search engines better understand the structure of your content.

From a user experience perspective, there can also be drawbacks to pagination if users have to click through too many pages in order to find the content they’re looking for. You may want to consider using AJAX-powered pagination so that users can load more results without having to leave the page.

But let’s be real: This comes down to best use case for the scenario.

Google is more than capable of understanding even the most poorly implemented paginated data. It’s common practice to use blog posts archives across multiple pages. Don’t worry so much!
Just fix glaring issues.

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