Why do you have an archive of SEO related questions?

It serves only as a resource for answering questions I’m regularly asked, problems I solve, and providing an archive of marketing related answers as a reference.

Why are your answers so short, don’t you care about ranking?

Every SEO portfolio, agency, or marketing company’s website has the same old content.

They talk about their services, their work ethic, who they helped and why.
You’ll find blog posts with their twist on a particular service in marketing, and I bet you don’t care. That’s probably why most blog pages on marketing agency sites have excruciatingly low session times.

Most clients just want to know what they do, how much they cost, their references, and if they can meet the demand.

I have no intention of competing for the same keywords, phrases, or content.
Only providing a reference for skill, action, and ability.

Why no images?

Aren’t you tired of the same old free licenced marketing related images?

  • Office workers smiling while pointing at a board.
  • Looking puzzled at a laptop.
  • Giant “SEO” letters on a desktop screen

I have no original images to offer, so I’d rather not insult you.

Why are you using a default WordPress theme?

It works. Really well in fact.
Not only is it easy to set up, maintain, and update, but it’s technically a great performing front and backend for design, SEO, and creating content.

Aren’t you a little sassy?

Let’s end the repetitive marketing agency or freelance website cycle.

I dare you to give it a go.